How to Find Rest

In Hebrews 3 and 4, God speaks of His children “labouring” to enter into His rest. He uses as His example of “unrest” the children of Israel who, because of unbelief (in spite of having seen the Red Sea part) could not enter into the rest God had promised them.

Mrs. B’s Book and Film Lists

Mrs. B’s Annotated Book List Please note: This is certainly not a comprehensive list of the editor’s favorites, but is merely, as the title suggests, an introduction to a fairly broad spectrum of books.  The list includes two non-fiction works, as … Continued

The Truth About Writing

Writers are dreamers, living in the world they’ve created and hoping to follow in the footsteps of their favorite authors. They begin their works with high hopes and lofty goals. They are willing to spend long hours alone crafting an internally consistent … Continued

Paying Homage

Some people are more prone to be reflective and introspective than others. Does one look back because one is a historian at heart or does one eventually become a historian because one looks back? Impossible to say. I only know … Continued

The House

Take up writing as a profession and you’ll soon discover the wall between your real life and the world in your mind is indeed a thin one, easily breached. Authors, everyone knows, draw on their real lives to inspire their plots, … Continued

Inside Story

Fourteen years ago the idea of Trevorode the Defender first came to me. The original opening line was: “With a sigh, I turned off my desk lamp and leaned back in my green vinyl chair.” [Find this line, sans desk … Continued

On Writing

Ever since an elementary teacher assigned me to bring a rock to school and “make up a story” of where that rock had been, I’ve loved to write. By third grade, severe asthma during frigid West Texas winters compelled my staying … Continued

Hello world!

Thank you for visiting Trevorode the Defender.  Over the next few months, I’ll be introducing you to him, his author, Agnes Quinn, and her friends . . . and foes.  I’ll also share the “inside story” of my own writing … Continued