Tales of the Peregrine Inn: Olivia’s Escape

Pirates have fascinated storytellers and readers alike for generations. In Olivia’s Escape, author Holly Bebernitz tells the story, not of a pirate, but of the woman he left behind and the varied and colorful members of her household.

In 1719 the pirate Calico Jack Rackham purchased an inn on the outskirts of Lenford, a village on the Carolina coast. He intended the house as a gift for his wife Bonny Bee, so she would stop complaining about his long absences. When Jack was reported lost at sea, she turned the house into a haven for those in need. Three years after the Inn opened, Olivia Lynton, a young seamstress whose uncle had forbidden her marriage to Josiah Pratt, flees to the Peregrine Inn for help. Bonny Bee enlists her staff, guests, and pirate friends to help Olivia escape.

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