After setting three novels in Dennisonville, North Carolina, author Holly Bebernitz decided it was high time she paid homage to her own hometown of Jacksonville, FL.

The Moores, the Merriers, Part IV of The Magnolia Arms Chronicles, opens there on Lomax Street within walking distance of Memorial Park on Riverside Avenue. This was the neighborhood where Ivy Leigh Ransom, manager of the Magnolia Arms, grew up, before leaving home at nineteen, estranged from her family, and out of touch for decades. Travel with Ivy Leigh’s childhood friend, Barbara Algrove, as she unravels the tangled pasts of the Moores and Merriers.

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Jacksonville, Florida, 1979. When Francesca Moore is five minutes late for the Labor Day cookout, Barbara Allgrove knows something is wrong.

She crosses Lomax Street and finds her friend slumped over the kitchen table. Franny’s last words, “Find my girls” send Barbara—“Babs” for short—in search of her longtime friend Ivy Leigh “Moore,” a journey which begins in the Madison, Florida, cemetery and ends at Ivy Leigh’s last known address, the Magnolia Arms in Dennisonville, North Carolina. Arriving with two wills in her suitcase and a made-up reason for being there, Babs finds her journey is far from over.