History Morsels

Here are some short history lessons to share with your family.

I call them History Morsels… not a full meal… just a taste.

I’ve kept my own school-age grandchildren, 2nd, 4th, and 5th graders, in mind as I’ve researched and written these lessons. Some subjects may be beyond where your child is now, but there will be enough familiar references that you can glean at least one topic of discussion.

And hopefully, your young scholar will hear some term or learn some new fact they will want to launch out and learn more about on their own.

I hope your child will find them valuable. And who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something, too.

History Morsels: Lesson 1

In this history morsel, we explore the American presidency, meeting John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and many more.

Want to go deeper? Download the following guide and take the story further.

History Morsels: Lesson 2

This episode finishes the story of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The two main events in this lesson are The XYZ Affair and The Alien and Sedition Act.

Download the study guide to take the story further.

History Morsels: Lesson 3

This lesson explores the name “John,” which has not only graced many an honorable man, but is also common enough to serve as a temporary identity. An unknown man does not wait long till he’s classified as “John Doe.” Join us to meet or reunite with a few of the well-known men who have been named “John.”

History Morsels: Lesson 4

With this episode, we move forward into the 20th century and enter one of the most exciting chapters in history: The Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. Join the expeditions of Robert Scott, Roald Amundsen, and Ernest Shackleton as they brave sub-zero temperatures, roaring winds, and dwindling provisions to march toward the South Pole.

History Morsels: Lesson 5

In this episode, set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, we journey with thousands of men and women who hopped on freight cars to travel the United States in search of jobs and a better life.

History Morsels: Lesson 6

Mount Rushmore is a monument, not only honoring four noteworthy Presidents, but also a tribute to the artist, carvers, and crew who returned to work again and again despite adverse circumstances.