Two Roads and Counting

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, wrote Robert Frost. The lesson: choose one and that “makes all the difference.” But be advised: after you choose one, you will eventually come to another place where that one road again diverges … Continued

Meet Dr. Cosmo Tuttle

With this post, I come to a successful conclusion of the Blog 31 Day Challenge. Thank you for joining me, encouraging me with your kind comments, and sharing my posts with your friends. Today: not only to celebrate this milestone, … Continued

The Hope of a Tree

Plants and the lessons we learn from them appear from Genesis 1:12 where “the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit…” right through to the “tree of life” in Revelation 22:14. … Continued

Burdens: Bear or Bare?

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Henry David Thoreau. “Desperation” can range from personal loss to fear of failure to performing below expectation…desperation for yourself or someone you love. “Quiet.” Many prefer keeping problems to themselves, rather … Continued

Be Where You Are

We live in a marvelous age. We are connected, informed, productive. Any information we need to know, any process we need to learn, any product we need to buy is quite literally at our fingertips, available any hour of the … Continued

The Day We Went to Peshtigo

You have heard of Golf Widows? I was a Fire Extinguisher Widow. Mr. B. was a firefighter and specialized in fire extinguisher training. At one point, we had 80 fire extinguishers in our garage, mostly Ansuls, because The Ansul is … Continued

Thank You, Octavia

The seven years (one course per semester) I spent in the M.A. program at the University of North Florida can be counted among the best years of my life.   One of the courses I was privileged to take was … Continued

The Stories that Made Me

When I was five, I read Little Yip-Yip and His Bark, by Kathryn and Byron Jackson, a Little Golden book, clothbound, purchased from a used book sale from the Seminole, Texas public library. It’s about a little farm dog with … Continued

Bonny Bee is Kidnapped

Among the accomplishments of Bonny Bee Rackham was the capture of the dread pirate Quentin Drake. Now Drake, bent on revenge, has returned and kidnapped Bonny Bee, while the rest of the household is safe in the cellar during a … Continued

In Praise of the Sippy Cup

In the decades between my initiation to motherhood and promotion to grand-motherhood, innovations galore have made childcare easier. For example, my firstborn son did not abide by The Rules of Newborns…reputed to “sleep 18 hours a day.” Instead he was … Continued