A Dramatic Preview

Preview #1

Agnes Quinn has every intention of enjoying a successful first day at her new job at Brighton Park Community College. Despite her well-laid plans, a letter she receives over the weekend brings bad news. On Monday morning, she finds herself tired, irritable and disillusioned with her prospects for a good beginning. When she arrives at school, another professor, Dr. Jonas Grinstead, explains her car is in his parking space. Agnes does not respond well.


Preview #2

Agnes Quinn was already feeling uneasy about her new job at Brighton Park Community College when she noticed a stranger in a wrinkled suit staring at her in the hallway.


Preview #3

Agnes Quinn concludes her worst day ever at Brighton Park and hurries to the funeral of a friend. She slips in next to her neighbor, Flossie Bingham, moments before the graveside service begins. Flossie informs Agnes they must hurry to the hospital after the funeral. Jonas Grinstead has had a heart attack.