Bee Write With You

📅 March 2, 2020

Be right with you.

A promise shouted across the room or whispered into the phone when the person whose attention you want is occupied with someone else or some other task.

The purpose—I suppose—of a blog. The writer’s promise to be “here” when you visit, however much you would like to read.

Be right with you.

Quiet assurance you are not being ignored. You are important. Please wait. The person you want to hear from is going to give you the same care she gives everyone else, however long you want to stay.

Be right with you.

So why the homonym? The little twist? The play on words?

I am a writer. Playing with words is “what I do.”

I am a teacher. Explaining words is “how I live.”

“With you.” Prepositional phrase. “You”—the object of “with” and of this blog.   

Bee. My nickname. Given to me by a fellow teacher shortly after I married. “Bebernitz” is not exactly as simple and user-friendly to roll off your tongue as “Smith.” So she shortened my name to “Mrs. B.” and everyone from time immemorial to the present has gotten on board. When the grandchildren came along, I expanded the name to “Gam Bee.” And quite a few friends simply refer to me as “B.”

So the title is a promise that I—Mrs. “Bee”—will be with you.

Write. Yes, when you say the word, it sounds like “right” and isn’t that a lovely word? Meaning ‘correct’ and ‘well’ and ‘fitting’ and ‘exact’ and ‘true.’

But in our case, the word also refers to my passion for telling stories and we will include that practice and pastime in our visits. I will talk about stories of all kinds, true and otherwise, and also about the art of writing, lessons I have learned, hints I have used, trials and errors, and successes.

Join me every day this month as I participate in the challenge to “Blog for 31 Days.”

And if there is not a new blog when you check in, please come back.

Because I promise to

Bee Write with You.


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Holly Bebernitz

Native Texan Holly Bebernitz moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1967. After thirty years of teaching speech, English, and history on the secondary and college levels, she retired from classroom teaching to become a full-time grandmother. The change in schedule allowed the time needed to complete the novel she had begun writing in 1998. When Trevorode the Defender was published in March 2013, the author realized the story of the Magnolia Arms was not yet complete.


Semi-Finalist - 2021 Royal Palm Literary Award Competition - Florida Writer's Association